Why are Modern Chinese Movies so Bad | Video Essay

Thông tin về Why are Modern Chinese Movies so Bad | Video Essay

Accented Cinema – Episode 9

Chinese movie sucks.
Even your average Chinese would admit, there hasn’t been many good Chinese films in recent years. But most of them aren’t bad because they are lazy cash grabs. In fact, quite the opposite. Often times, they look expensive.

So what went wrong? In this episode, I’ll offer my take on why Chinese films went downhill and how to fix it.

And if you are into GOOD Chinese films, go to your local cinema and watch “Wandering Earth”


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  1. The Chinese market tends to focus more on popular celebrities. China has so many new faces in the movie industry but their acting is so cringy. The films are also of low quality. South Korea on the other hand surpassed China by far in terms of quality.

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  2. I'd say it is more that Chinese filmmakers are scared to tell their own stories and not that they do not have a story to tell.
    I am convinced that everyone has a story to tell. But not everyone is equally skilled to tell their story.
    If you are faced with a machine as big as Hollywood and are told "go fight it" it's not easy to envision yourself being able to do so with your own tool. So what do you do? You try to copy their tools. But as the saying goes "the masters tools can't tear down the masters house".
    It is more a sign of an industry too scared of failure than a sign of people not having their own stories to tell.
    (hekk given how many remakes Hollywood is producing I think the lack of stories to tell could just as easily be applied to them but that's pretty much the same situation. too much money is on the line so the studios stick to save options and save options are rarely interesting)

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  3. To be Fair, it is more advisable to say a lot of Chinese commercial films are inferior since directors like jia Zhangke and Bi Gan are still making awlsome movies.(well, sadly, these artyworks may not be seen by the majority of Chinese audience)

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